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MODZZ Schools - Built to last with less waste, higher quality materials and assembly line production that meet all ADA standards

Many school systems have classrooms that were originally designed as temporary classrooms, with an expected life of 25 years at the most. They were short-term solutions that were never intended to be permanent structures.

They're now subject to wear and tear, rot, mold, and lead paint, and they don’t meet current ADA standards. Some have become inhabitable. Others are close. If they haven’t already been deemed unusable, they soon will be. MODZZ solves this problem with its leading edge manufacturing system that takes place off-site in a controlled indoor environment.

Through precise engineering, schools can take advantage of significant cost controls to meet their budgetary constraints. Installation takes place quickly — MODZZ is on and off campus with minimal intrusion. Finished structures are transported to the site and crane set directly on a foundation.

Schools sites aren’t disrupted with ongoing construction, and avoid the risks of potential student injury, vandalism, and having construction workers on campus.


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